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About Company: History


High rating according to the ASES standard
Representatives of machine-building Alliance Renault Nissan conducted a regular audit. The overall rating of the ASES standard is made up of a combination of performance evaluations of production processes compared to actual results. The auditors noted the high quality and organization of work. After successfully passing the audit, our plant continues to be one of the main suppliers of the Franco-Japanese alliance.

New sight for piston machine processing
The new site for the complete cycle of the mechanical processing of pistons for gasoline engines was completed. The specialists of the company "Motordetal" together with the German colleagues from Kolbenschmidt conducted the adjustment of three new production lines. The new lines made it possible to make the production more flexible, as well as to increase the production of gasoline pistons for Euro-5 engines

Production of a piston pin
The construction of a new production area for piston pins has begun. The production sight will be equipped with the most modern equipment capable of producing several million piston pins per year

Filters "Motordetal"
Changes in the design of filters have been made. The basic accent was made on increasing of the filtering area and hence the increase of the filtration quality. To reduce the cost of products, the company rejected unnecessary improvements, usage of expensive materials, increase of the product weight. The new design features and improvements were introduced based on the basis of long-term market analysis.


New cylinder-piston group series “Expert”
At the beginning of 2016, a new product range was introduced to the market — cylinder-piston group “Expert”. It took several years to develop and test new addition to product portfolio. A number of innovations have been applied in the new piston series: the design has been changed, alloys have been significantly improved, special coatings and high-precision processing has been applied. The results of the "Expert" pistons tests showed fuel savings of up to 4% and an increase in engine operational life of up to 30% compared to analogues, which makes this product unique and revolutionary in the Russian market.

Increase in production capacities
A new site for pistons machining was put in operation. It includes both, a new line for piston phosphating and additional production line for galvanic coating of piston rings. The construction of the second and third sites for the production of cylinder liners has been completed; two new casting complexes for the production of pistons have been installed. Technologies of quality control with eddy current, X-ray and ultrasound have begun its operation.

New alloys KS1275 and KS1295 are mastered at the production site
As a part of the licensing contract with Kolbenschmidt, Motordetal has mastered the improved eutectic alloys KS1275 and KS1295. Both alloys are patented by the German Concern. KS1275 is used for casting pistons for gasoline and diesel engines has high thermal conductivity, wear resistance and high-temperature strength. KS1295 due to the increased content of nickel and copper gives the product the greater strength and heat resistance. Due to its properties, the pistons of this alloy withstand enormous loads in powerful diesel engines.

Production areas were audited by Ford Sollers
The company "Motordetal" has successfully passed the audit of Conduct MSA on the evaluation of the production site. The audit was carried out as part of the program to obtain a certificate from Q1 supplier Ford. The Q1 certificate is equated to awards and confirms compliance with Ford's high quality standards. To obtain it, suppliers must meet the requirements of the international organization for standards (ISO), for the implementation of quality management systems and environmental protection, as well as the requirements for the organization of document management within the company.

More than 30 visiting seminars were conducted
Technical experts of the "Motordetal" have visited various parts of our country with technical seminars, raising the level of awareness of our partners about new products and future developments. Participants of the seminars were represented by hundreds of executives and experts of the automotive industry. As a result of the meetings was signing of numerous new contracts for the products supply.


Motordetal received access to a unique technology of Nanofriks antifriction coating, developed by specialists of German company KS KOLBENSCHMIDT and used it in production. The main peculiarity of the coating is a successfully matched combination of nanoparticles, adhesive material, solid lubricant and additive. This coating significantly (for more than 50%) reduces dry friction coefficient and wear in comparison with traditional industrial coatings.

Galvanic coating ncMDChrome became an effective development of the Motordetal researches. The ncMDCrome is based on chromium, containing nanoparticles of solid carbon (diamond), applied to working surfaces of upper compression and oil control piston rings, using electric current. Nanochrome allows increasing service life of all cylinder-piston group parts of an engine.

After Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, officially approved a project for organization of import-substituting production of automotive components - pistons and cylinder liners of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards to meet demand of local engine-building industry and foreign manufacturers, localized in Russia and CIS: Volkswagen, Renault, Nissan and Ford, high-level officials visited the plant: the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets and Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko. After their visits, Motordetal signed a credit line agreement for production modernization within the program. The total investments - 2,24 billion rubles.

MTU (Rolls-Royce division), a British company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of diesel engines and drive systems for marine, heavy vehicles, rail transport, military transport, oil and gas industry, declared Motordetal the best supplier in Russia and CIS.

Motordetal got a certificate from Ford Sollers for supplying cylinder-piston group parts. The Kostroma products are installed in Ford Fiesta, Focus and EcoSport engines, produced at the plant.


Motordetal set up production of pistons for gasoline and diesel engines with cooling galleries. The technology of casting with a salt core, which is used for production of the products, applies in Russia only at a Kostroma plant. The pistons for gasoline and diesel engines successfully passed bench tests and now are supplied to KAMAZ.

The company successfully passed an audit and started preparation for supplies of products for global auto giant Ford.

Motordetal successfully passed audits and quality inspections and started serial supplies of products to Renault-Nissan. Absolutely all new cars in Russia with Renault К4M engines are produced using the Motordetal products.

Motordetal developed, produced and conducted engine tests of new pistons of Euro-4 and Euro-5 classes for a new engine of Yaroslavl Motor Plant of YAMZ 5340 series, which was developed at Avtodiesel, OJSC. This piston contains a cooling gallery, produced by casting with a salt core.

This year Motordetal started serial production and supplies of pistons and piston rings to Ulyanovsk Motor Plant, OJSC, also, the company signs contracts for supplying pistons to ZMZ Avtokomponent, Ltd. and Minsk Motor plant, OJSC.

Due to cooperation with Renault-Nissan, Motordetal set up a high-speed anodizing line for pistons. Automatic lines AMC Selga 23 conform to all levels of European environmental quality and allow the company to produce up to 1,2 million units of finished products per year.

A new phosphating line was set up. The equipment of GalSar allows production of approximately 1,2 million finished products per year for both gasoline and diesel engines.


Due to cooperation with German company KS Kolbenschmidt, Motordetal launched a new line, produced by Japanese company Takisawa for production of pistons. The equipment was set up within the state localization and car manufacturing project. The products are checked according to 28 parameters, minimizing the possibility of scrap.

Avtodiesel, a Yaroslavl company, included in GAZ group, a manufacturer of YAMZ engines, started using piston-cylinder group parts of Motordetal. From this moment, the Motordetal products are installed in new engines and supplied as spare parts under the YAMZ brand.

Motordetal passed audits and quality inspections and was nominated to develop and supply pistons and piston pins for H4M Nissan engines, localized in AvtoVAZ. The production facilities started preparation for serial supplies to Renault-Nissan.

This year many mutually beneficial agreements were concluded. Motordetal started cooperation with Cheboksary Power System Works (ChZSA, Ltd.) and serial supplies of cylinder liner castings to ZMZ Avtokomponent, OJSC, extended cooperation with Ulyanovsk Motor Plant, OJSC and supplied pre-production batches of machined cylinder liners.


Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ) officially declared that Motordetal is their top three supplier and for many years Motordetal holds its positions, supplying reliable products of good quality. From the 1990s Motordetal supplies parts for all engines, produced by Minsk Motor Plant.

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, met Sergey Kalashnik, the general director of CJSC Kostromskoy Zavod Avtokomponentov. During this meeting, they discussed the plans of the company's development, its successful entry into the global market and its social participation to support the region. The President promised and provided the state guarantees for investments, attracted for the company's development. During the meeting, the head of the state suggested narrowing of limits for providing the state guarantees to businesses from 5 billion rubles to 3 billion rubles and considered the change of the state guarantee provision procedure.

The company was successfully certified according to ISO/TS 16949 : 2009. This international certificate and technical specification were prepared by the International ISO certification bureau. The standard specifies the requirements for quality management systems of plants, dealing with design, development, production, installation and service of products of the automotive industry. This document certifies a production process, quality of material, technology compliance, management and most importantly - quality of finished products.

This year Motordetal-Konotop was certified according to ISO 14001:2004 - an international standard, specifying requirements to an environmental management system. The requirements of ISO 14000 are an integral part of The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). The requirements of the certification deal with an environmental progress of companies, compliance with environmental law, reporting and involvement of employees.


The company signed a license agreement with a global giant and acknowledged expert in production of cylinder-piston group parts, German company KS Kolbenschmidt. Due to the agreement, Motordetal became the exclusive licensee in Russia and received access to all technologies and know-how, used by KS in production of the cylinder-piston group parts. The license agreement was signed, because Motordetal is a company which meets not only technological requirements, but also levels of business planning and business analytics of the German engine-building giant.

Motordetal was nominated for supplying cylinder-piston group parts for Renault K4M engines, installed in new Logan and Sandero cars. A procedure of production line preparation, certificating and passing audits was launched.

Within the production improvement program, the company updated foundry, changing for КОSТАKА-5 automatic casting lines, equipped with KUKA Roboter industrial robots.

Motordetal launched a new foundry for pistons and new production line to produce ring carriers for KAMAZ, YAMZ and MMZ heavy-duty engines. Also, the products were supplied as components to the European market.

Altai Motor Plant (AMZ) began assembling engines, using the cylinder-piston group parts of Motordetal. Motordetal started supplying serially all parts: pistons, piston pins, rings and cylinder liners.


One of the largest independent investments companies in Russia ATON was included as a member of the company. For many years the new investor maintains a reliability rating of AAA (the highest possible rating for reliability) according to National Rating Agency and B2/NP long and short term local and foreign currency issuer international rating according to Moody’s Investors Service.

The Motordetal company joined Motordetal-Konotop, a modern, flexible Ukrainian plant, conforming to all standards and requirements of European customers and the largest plant in Europe, specializing in production of cylinder liners for automobile, tractor, ship, locomotive and stationary internal combustion engines. The enterprise set up production of more than 1000 different cylinder liners for any automotive equipment, ships and locomotives with a diameter from 50 to 400 mm, length from 250 to 1100 mm and weight from 0,5 to 250 kg.

CJSC Kostromskoy Zavod Avtokomponentov was reorganized. A legal entity was created - a managing company, which controls production, however, the products come to engine-building plants and aftermarket under the "Motordetal" brand.

A new brand - "Motordetal-Konotop" was launched onto the market. Analyzing the market needs and taking into account fast ageing of the vehicles, the company decided to produce a series of low-cost products. Due to usage of standard alloys, no additional machining operations and application of alternative coatings, the company managed to offer a product, which approved itself, being low-cost.


Motordetal started supplying cylinder-piston group parts to Caterpillar Inc. (CAT), the largest American corporation, one of the leading companies in production of the biggest heavy equipment in the world. Caterpillar Inc. produces earthmoving equipment, construction equipment, diesel engines and power units (using natural and associated gas). The company consists of more than 480 departments, located in 50 countries on 5 continents.

After tests of the new product range, a design manager of AvtoVAZ provided a positive conclusion and approved using the Motordetal products.


Motordetal celebrated its 30th year anniversary of supplying products to KAMAZ Diesel, Ltd. for assembling of KAMAZ engines. As the deputy general director of KAMAZ Diesel, Ltd. noted in his official letter, during this period Motordetal produced products of the highest quality and proved itself to be a reliable and stable partner.

Developing its potential and dealer network, the company started supplying air, fuel and oil filters and filtering elements under its trademark in addition to the main products.


Motordetal together with German company GOETZE, one of the word's leaders in the automotive industry, belonging to Federal Mogul, launched a new line for production of piston rings. The main peculiarity of the line is an innovative profile grinding system and procedure of piston ring prelapping to a working surface of a cylinder liner.

The company implemented a unique system of product authenticity protection. Against the backdrop of aftermarket, filled with counterfeit and fakes, Motordetal solved a problem of the product authenticity. This system still minimizes the possibility of purchasing the parts of low quality.

Due to a decision of the management of Ulyanovsk Motor Plant, OJSC, Motordetal became the only supplier of cylinder liner castings for engines of Euro-4 and Euro-5 classes. For several months UMZ stopped cooperation with other suppliers and changed for 100% assembly of engines, using cylinder liners, casted by the Kostroma plant.


Motordetal modernized all production cycles together with specialists of German company Federal Mogul, which is a top ten world's largest manufacturer of spare parts.

The company implemented a new system of product sorting, which allows selecting ideal parameter ratio of all components of a set (a piston, rings, a cylinder liner and a piston pin) before packaging. At the same time, Motordetal launched an absolutely new product onto the cylinder-piston group market - "Full sets".

New series such as «Dalnoboi», «PON», «AGRO», «Gruzovichok», «Spetcialist» were launched onto the market and later became best-selling.


The company started to supply cylinder-piston group parts serially to Perkins Engines, a British manufacturer of diesel engines for diesel generators, agricultural and construction equipment. More than 80 years Perkins produces gas and diesel engines, considered to be some of the best in the world.

Within the product improvement program, the company launched a new line for Molykote and Molydag antifriction coating by screen printing. Not many manufacturers have this technology so far.

YAMZ started assembling of all new engines, using piston rings, produced by Motordetal. The company covers 100% demand and closes its own production of piston rings.


The company started supplying the cylinder-piston group parts serially to MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH (Rolls-Royce division) - one of the world's leading diesel engine manufacturers for ships, rail transport, generators, industrial and construction equipment.

The Motordetal company together with YAMZ engineers designed pistons of new (at that time) standard Euro-3 for 6- and 8-cylinder engines and introduced them into production.


The company started to supply the cylinder-piston group parts serially to Navistar and International, a manufacturer of legendary American trucks.

The "Motordetal" brand was created. The company still follows the consumer values and keeps its corporate identity. At the same time, the first sets in modern packages appeared on the market.


The company's marketing and product policy were created, allowing the company to be an absolute leader of the market for many years.

The company was certified according to ISO: 9001 international quality standard, specifying requirements for quality management systems of companies and enterprises.

The company concluded a framework agreement with Federal Mogul. Motordetal received and introduced new technologies of the foreign company into production.


The company started supplying cylinder liners for IVECO, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, VOLVO, Renault, Scania and other trucks to the European and USA markets.

The plant development concept was accepted. The dealer network in Russia and neighboring countries (approximately 100 dealers) was created.


The company approved a privatization plan and became a joint stock company. The company managed to increase the production capacities, using additional machining areas for cylinder liners.

The production of the cylinder-piston group sets was set up for engine-building plants, supplying products to the agro-industrial complex, including OJSC Altaidizel (Barnaul, Russia), OJSC Rybinskie motory (Rybinsk, Russia) and PO Minsk Motor Plant (Minsk, Belarus).


New workshop for production of piston rings for BelAZ and UralAZ engines was launched.

Motordetal developed and implemented measures for transition to complete self-sufficiency and self-financing. The enterprise stopped the construction and started re-equipment.


The company launched Russian rotary die casting equipment for cylinder liners on the third line of the casting workshop.

New piston foundry was opened in the territory of the plant.


Motordetal set up casting of cylinder liners from ductile iron.


The volume of the produced products increased 7 times in comparison with the 1976 year. The percentage of finished products amounted to 44% of the total volume of cylinder-piston group parts in the whole country.

The plant actively participated in the social life of the city:
- 47,3 thousand sq. m of houses,
- a dormitory, which can accommodate 640 people,
- two nursery schools were built.


January - the plant began production of the main products - piston pin blanks for Ulyanovsk engine plant.

July - the millionth piston pin blank was produced.

October - the first production batch of finished piston pins was released, and in November the first pistons were produced on an automatic line for Zavolzhsky Motor Plant.

The second start-up facility was launched. It consisted of a foundry for cylinder liners with a capacity of 45 thousand tons of iron castings per year, a power unit with a cooling tower, an auxiliary transformer, a water supply and sewerage network, roads, railway, etc. It was the first time cast iron was melted and KamAZ-740 cylinder liner was casted.

The production of finished products at the plant reached 14 million 367 thousand pieces and two-thirds of them are the cylinder-piston group parts.

The company implemented 24 standards for a complex system of a product quality management.

13 July

A management establishment order was signed for the plant in Kostroma, built for production of cylinder liners, pistons and piston pins (in accordance with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR and The Council of Ministers of the USSR’s Order №416 dated 10 May 1967).

The construction of new production facilities started.