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Motordetal is the only plant producing all parts of the cylinder group (pistons, cylinder liners, piston rings and pins) in Russia and CIS countries. The high development level of the company lets us successfully participate in the localization program of automotive component production and compete on the global market. As a part of its implementation the groups of companies such as NISSAN, RENAULT, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN and MAZDA have chosen the products of Motordetal for the engines produced in Russia.

The largest plant

In russia and cis

No other Russian plant producing parts of the cylinder group has such a wide product range. In our catalogue there are products for any Russian and hundreds of European, American and Japanese engines. The company uses 17 kinds of alloys, applies 19 types of coatings and produces 22.2 million units of finished goods per year. The pistons, cylinder liners and piston rings have diameters from 76 to 230 mm and are designed for installation in engines with volumes from 0.65 to 120 liters.

The choice of engine manufacturers

The products of Motordetal are in demand by many Russian and world’s largest engine manufacturers. Such foreign companies as RENAULT, NISSAN, FORD, IVECO, MAN, CATERPILLAR and NAVISTAR are among our customers. Our Russian customers are KAMAZ, YAMZ, ZMZ, VAZ, UMZ, MMZ, VMTZ, AMZ, TMZ and many others. The products of Motordetal are installed in new engines and sold for spare parts in the original packaging.

Advanced equipment

The high quality of the products is due to the level of production. The company has been completely re-equipped over the last 7 years. The advanced robotic equipment is now involved in the production — casting and machining systems such as ERGO, TAKISAWA, GOETZE, KOLBENSCHMIDT, DUKER, DEGUSSA, ZIPPEL and OTTO HARRANDT.


Motordetal’s own accumulated technology and the best practices of the leading world companies are used in the production of Motordetal parts. Being a leader in the production of engine parts KOLBENSCHMIDT has chosen Motordetal as the exclusive partner in the CIS. The agreement, signed in 2011, allowed the use of the newest technology offered by KOLBENSCHMIDT to MERСEDEZ-BENZ, BMW, VOLVO, MAN and VW in the production of Motordetal parts. It’s also very important to emphasize the introduction of phosphating and anodizing technology in piston manufacturing.


The products of Motordetal are constantly being improved. This process is managed by the R&D center of the plant. Some of the last achievements are the transition to the alloys increasing service life and reliability of Motordetal products; the introduction of the unique coatings: ncMDCr (Nanochrome) for piston rings and NANOFRIKS for pistons that significantly reduce friction loss and extend engine lifetime.


The high-precision equipment, unique technology and developments enable the company to create a product that has no analogues on the market in terms of reliability and resource. The geometrical parameters of the parts working surfaces, the physicochemical characteristics of materials and coatings are selected in such a way that the main indicators of a repaired engine would be superior compared to characteristics of a new one.


Motordetal is a supplier of the cylinder group parts for most automakers. Buying the company’s products you get the original quality and do not overpay for the famous name and brand packaging.

Reliability not
in word

but in deed

The reliability of our parts has been confirmed by hundreds of auto repair shops and auto service centers which entrusted us with their number one — the customers. Warranty program applies to all products of Motordetal.

of millions

Every year thousands of mechanics choose the products of Motordetal and install them in millions of engines worldwide. The products are exported to 40 countries. The company’s market share in Russia is more than 40%. No other brand of the cylinder group has similar demand.

Always online

For our partners we have built the customer service offering flexible terms of product purchasing. Our technical specialists can advise you on any question starting from selection and purchasing of the products to their installation and operation. There is also a regularly updated catalogue with full description and applicability of the products.

of specialists

Field interactive technical workshops are regularly held for the company’s customers (managers, employees of technical centers and service stations, store managers, small and medium business owners). During the roundtables the experts of the company talk about the products, their benefits, technology, application of Motordetal parts when repairing engines, answer questions from participants.

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