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About our products: Piston pins

The pison pins are made of special alloying steel. The piston pin surface is hardened and quenched, and for this reason the piston pins have high strength, hardness and ideal geometry accuracy after machining. During the whole service life the piston pins preserve stability of their mechanical and physical properties.

The modern European equipment allowed us to improve the accuracy of the piston pin machining and change its fit in the piston. Before that we had to ensure a press fit from 0 to 0,01 mm between the cold piston and piston pin, but now the clearance is from 0,003 to 0,015 mm. The fit does not require the piston heating for the piston pin installation.

Piston pin types
Fixed piston pin

The fixed piston pin is anchored to the connecting rod small end with a screw and bolts and pressed. This type of piston pins can rotate only in the piston bosses.

Floating piston pin

The floating piston pin is free to rotate both in the connecting rod and in the piston bosses. Generally it is secured against axial movement by circlips. The floating pin ensures a uniform load of the parts and prevents one-sided wear.