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About our products: Piston rings

Piston rings are produced with the equipment of GOETZE, a german company, which is one of the leaders in the global machinery industry.

All the Motordetal piston rings have a protective coating:
  • NcMDChrome (Nanochrome), containing carbon nanoparticles. It is applied to the working surface of the piston ring. It reduces friction losses and extends service life of the piston rings by 20%.•
  • Chrome-ceramic coating (CKS) — increases wear-resistance, gas impermeability and ensures optimal compression.
  • Phosphating — is applied to the piston ring end surface. It increases wear- and corrosion-resistance.
Types of piston rings
Compression piston rings:

Rectangular compression ring

Half keystone compression ring

Keystone compression ring

Taper faced compression ring

Compression ring with L-shaped cross section

Napier compression ring

Oil control piston rings:

Oil control ring with spiral expander

Oil control ring without spiral expander

The Motordetal piston ring production
  • The piston rings, depending on their application (top compression piston ring, second compression piston ring or oil control piston ring), are made of gray or ductile cast iron.
  • Each piston ring is manufactured from an individual casting.
  • For reduction of the scuffing potential and lapping time the face profile of the top compression piston ring is barrel-shaped.
Piston ring markings