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About our products: Kit set

is a right choice for your engine repair.

The state-of-the-art equipment, experienced specialists and investment in our development are indicative of high quality and confidence in our own products. Accuracy and materials used in production of each cylinder part at our plant makes buying and using of kit sets a right and profitable investment in your engine.

Benefits of using kit sets

Each part of the Motordetal kit set is designed and matched taking into account the behaviour of the parts. The experience that we have gained allowed us to sucessfully reduce friction losses and optimize performance of the matched parts. It ensures performance reliability of each part and kit set as a whole.

Friction couple Benefits
Cylinder liner —
Piston rings
Friction reduction is ensured with the optimal combination of a shape, roughness, oil-absorption of the piston ring working surface and required contact between the piston rings and cylinder over the whole circumference.
Friction losses are also reduced with plateau honing.
The plateau honing allows a quicker alignment of the engine cylinders and piston rings. As a result it prolongs the engine life and ensures its stability.
Some more important influencing factors are phosphating ( oil-absorption improvement) for the cylinder liners and Nanochrome (NcMDChrome, reducing friction with carbon nanoparticles which serve for additional lubrication being small-sized) for the piston rings.
Cylinder liner —
Piston skirt
For the piston skirt surface protection the Motordetal company was the first among Russian manufacturers to apply an antifriction coating, called Nanofriks.
The tests have shown that the new coating reduces friction not only for the engine break-in period, but first 40–50 thousand kilometers.
Furthermore each piston skirt has a microrelief, improving oil-absorption and ensuring a better oil distribution.
Piston pin —
Piston boss
The piston pin connects the piston and connecting-rod and is the most highly-stressed part in the engine. Being compact-sized , under shock loading and with lack of lubrication it transmits a force from the piston to the connecting rod.
Due to its optimal clearance and combination of the working surface roughnesses we managed to reduce friction losses, keeping high strength and hardness of the part surfaces.
Piston ring groove —
Piston ring
The top compression ring operates under the highest thermal and mechanical loading. It is the effect of aggressive chemicals of abrasive and corrosion nature.
The piston temperature in the top compression ring groove can be 280°C or more and it causes reduction of the alloy hardness and wear-resistance.
Wear resistance is improved with the optimal clearance between the piston ring and ring groove walls and if necessary a keystone shape of the piston ring.